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  • Where Are They Now? – August 2014

    Kingswood alumni have a bond that is like no other. Read news and updates of alumni who are serving Christ around the world....
  • 30/06/2014in News, Upcoming events

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  • 01/09/2014in Elizabeth Rhyno


    There’s a natural rhythm to life that brings it sensibility and meaning. Just as the sun rises each morning, so too will it sink again into the western sky. Just as we annually approach the Resurrection celebration, so too do we return once more to the Advent wait. Our families long to be together again...
  • 01/09/2014in David Trouten

    Pursuing Spielberg

    I have a very talented friend named Kyle. He and his brother Kenny are gifted filmmakers. Recently Kyle posted the following on social media; a piece he titled “Steven Spielberg.”. I was impressed with it and asked if I could reproduce it here. He graciously agreed Kenny Saylors will be a guest to the Kingswood...