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  • Where Are They Now? – August 2014

    Kingswood alumni have a bond that is like no other. Read news and updates of alumni who are serving Christ around the world....
  • 30/06/2014in News, Upcoming events

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Recent Blog Posts

  • 11/08/2014in Kenneth Gavel

    Through the Bible, God Speaks, God Acts, God Transforms

    It is a truism to say, “the Bible is God’s word.”  However, this means much more than, “these are words God has spoken in the past, words addressed to people and issues in the past.”   The written Word continues to be the means by which God (through His Son [the living Word] and by His...
  • 08/08/2014in William Peed

    The Persuasive Power of the Personal Life

    This month I am starting to read my Bible in a way that I’ve never done before. That is, I plan on “camping” in one book for a while and giving myself the opportunity to “drill down deep” in that book. The book is James, and I’m anticipating the discoveries I’ll make and the lessons...